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  • PCD (Polycrystalline diamond), PCD inserts, can process non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and copper alloys, fiber reinforced plastic (GFK and CFK), hard rubber, wood filler fibreboard, melamine resin and fiber reinforced composite material (MMC). Use PCD inserts, you can get faster processed speeds and longer service life, greatly improve product surface quality and precision.

  • CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) The Hardness of Cubic boron nitrides (CBN) are only behind the diamond. The difference is that when it is processing with ferrous metals will not occur chemical reaction. By high temperature and pressure process, CBN comb in with the surface of the carbide, take shape coating. CBN the blade to replace the traditional process, high speed processing hardened steel material (HRC45-HRC68) , cutting speed of up to 80-200m/min. CBN inserts are also used to cut pearlitic cast iron and hard cast iron and alloy cast iron.


25 Milling Cutter

CBN Compound Tools

45 Degree Face Milling Cutter

45 Degree Face Milling Cutter

T-Slots End Mills

Lathe Bleades

Cut Blades

Carbide Saw Blade Cutter

KENNAMETAL Lathe Cutting Tools

Threaded Blades & Toolholder

Non-Standard Tool Combination-1

Non-Standard Tool Combination-2

Non-Standard Tool Combination-3

Non-Standard Tool Combination-4

Non-Standard Tool Combination-5

Non-Standard Tool Combination-6






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