•           Bell & Family is Authorized distributor Electronics component, CNC spare parts and specialist sourcing control box for CNC machine such as FANUC, MITSUBISHI, YASKAWA, SANYODENKI. Tooling for CNC LATHE which suitable for all CNC machine brands. All parts are under strictly quality control, majority directly from OEM factory. Beside that we also support customer who need have own design and specification. Just show us your drawing specsheet or what requirement that you need, we have R&D group ready to serve your project.
  •            We are sub agent for L.K Machinery. Who is support Drilling and Tapping machine. L.K Machinery came out outstanding machines with reasonable price, provide a solid foundation for various industries, such as toys, automotive, motorcycle, electronics, communication, gifts, and home appliances.
  •            Best Software Solution that we pround to present if you are working with CNC machine for complicated job and long lead time just for one product. Our software can eliminate some work load and some condition that you ever think it hard to set your machine to that work. Let's us shown you how our software working. it will show you obviusly for shorter timing compare with your old solution. also you will wonder on capabilty of your machine. WE ARE WAITING FOR YOUR CHALLANGE. please try us out.










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