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Our products majority are tooling and accessories for CNC machines. beside that we also offer many line as you can see below;.


  • Bell&Family we are distributor for various tooling machine. The tooling and accessories that we are selling such as Collet chuck, ER collets, Holder for ER collets, Finger chuck, Drill collets, Internal diameter clamping collets, Extended nose collets, Diaphragm jaws, Wrench, Soft jaw collet, Sleeve for various machine models, Drill & Tap holders, Toggles, Punches Dies accessories, Coil springs, Gas springs and CAM cuts  oilless bushings & Plates.
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  • Bell&Family is agent for Drilling & Tapping Machines from L.K Machinery. All of Models will direct from factory to customer with the best installation services and excellent after sales services. If you looking for best quality Drilling and Tapping machine with affordable and touchable price. Come and check with us, we willing to offer with the best package to meet your budgetary plan.  

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  • Bell&Family have good partners for second hand machine which is still in a very good condition and well maintained. If you are looking for alternative machine for your production with limited budget. We have alternative machines to fit with your budget. Check it out with us, we are willing to supply budgetary machine that you needed. It will come with warranty and aftersales services to make sure your production will not be down from our machine.

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  • LED lighting, new solution for economize electricity and friendly environment. LED lighting can help you to save your bill more than 50% and long life span than fluorescence. Your return of investment will see in short period. It’s green environment, no hazardous substance, less heat from light, brighter than your expectation. Check new technology out here, we are waiting to share you more information.

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